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It has been a long time since such a well-curated series has been seen on the small screen. Recently, in fact, serial productions have experienced a certain decline from the point of view of the script that increasingly focuses on “haste” and the scant depth of character psychology, an element that is often set aside to give space to the action that is increasingly considered compelling for self-reflection. However, Netflix decided to change the track with Files pound fragmentsi, a series that combines the genre of thriller, crime and drama with a focus on the theme of motherhood, personal freedom and the difficult relationship between a mother and daughter together to create a hybrid that makes you speechless. The series, which debuted on the streaming platform in March, is Netflix’s true spearhead for the season, a well-thought-out title, refined and deep to be abandoned among the heap of new Netflix proposals that inspire you but never get started. Look no further.

number, its fragments It should be watched and everyone should enjoy it slowly, one episode at a time, without rushing to go and see how the story ends. After all, perhaps the least important thing in the series is the story and its, albeit still surprising, reflections, like the psychology of the two main characters, first of all those played by masterful Toni Collette. A face that speaks for itself even without the need for words, an expressive and explanatory capacity of a unique naturalness and woman, the one in which you play a role, so complex, contradictory, lively, but at the same time motherly as to leave mesmerized and constantly surprised at his unexpected next step. Toni Collette’s character in its fragments She does the entire series herself, pretending to be one of those women she never stops recognizing, constantly covered in a veil of mystery that remains even after the credits.

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Bella Heathcote joins her in this sweet story as her daughter. Two opposing women complement each other and take a journey between the past and the present to learn, in the end, to truly know each other.

One of the coolest things about pound fragmentsI is that he takes all the time to take breaks in the narrative to allow the audience to savor the feelings of the moment with static scenes but with a very strong emotional charge.

A quality series, a must-watch title and a product so well-made that we forget all the remaining stories that Netflix has given us in recent years.

Rating: 9

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