Four French cantons shut down restaurants (again)

In the cantons of Neuchâtel, Friborg, Vaud and Valais, public places will be closed again from Saturday evening, in accordance with the principles adopted at the French level. The new measures take into account the evolution of the Coronavirus epidemic.

The decision was the result of consultations between the Romanian cantonal governments in recent days. In particular, the executives concerned indicated that the cantons of Bern, Jura and Geneva are already subject to federalism. They also took into account the development of the epidemic in their territories.

Neuchâtel, Friborg and Vaud will close at 23:00, while Valais will close one hour earlier. “In order to harmonize cantonal regulations, governments have decided not to take advantage of the non-compliance possibilities still permitted by the Federal Law on Public Enterprises,” a joint statement said today.

In particular, the criteria considered are the stabilization of the number of cases “at a high level”, the recent surge of the virus, which was mainly reported in the United Kingdom, and the impossibility of some cantons of western Switzerland to take advantage of the possibilities of non-compliance under federal law.

In addition, French cantonal governments will continue to share information in the coming weeks, according to the memo. Likewise, they will remain in close contact with federal authorities and will again assess the situation before classes begin in early January.

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