Formula 1: So many new things when back in Australia

A lot has changed since then: Bottas drives an Alfa Romeo, Hamilton relinquishes the throne, and there are also new aerodynamic bases. On the other hand, Ferrari and Red Bull are looking forward to it, after Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz’s second place in Bahrain and second and third place in Saudi Arabia, the Italians leading the drivers and constructors’ standings. The team has been considered since the tests in February.. to win since the rule change.

The Austrian-British team around world champion Max Verstappen, who celebrated his 21st Grand Prix victory in Jeddah 14 days ago, is on the road at a similar pace. c In Melbourne, where some changes have been made to the street circuit, the Dutchman wants to build on this performance. “It will be interesting to see the track updates. I think they will make a huge difference, especially in the sixth round. There must now be more overtaking, which is always positive,” Verstappen said excitedly.

APA / AFP / Andrei Isaakovic

Verstappen hopes for an exciting race

Innovations along the way

That was exactly what was one of the main criticisms of the Melbourne GP: the monotonous races due to the lack of overtaking opportunities. Now seven curves have been modified and two canceled entirely, reducing the total to 14. Turn one was widened to avoid collisions at the start, as was Turn Six, which is supposed to increase speed there by 70 km/h. The old chicane was removed between the ages of nine and ten. The result is 1.3 “straight” kilometers that drivers can speed on. The changes cleared the way for four DRS zones for drivers to offload overtaking maneuvers.

The crater lane was also widened by two meters to raise the maximum speed from 60 km/h to 80 km/h. This could lead to more strategic choices for the teams due to less time spent on layovers. Domestic champion and McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo thinks the changes are promising: “I think it will be a different scene this time.”

Verstappen excited

Combined with new cars, there are thus some unknown racing factors. “It will be interesting to see how the car performs in Australia, the track can be dusty at times,” said Verstappen, whose Red Bull team debuted at the Melbourne Grand Prix in 2005.

Welcome back Melbourne sign at Albert Park Racecourse

APA / AFP / William West

After a two-year break, the Formula 1 entourage is back in Melbourne

The two drivers at the time were David Coulthard and Christian Klein, the engine coming from Cosworth. Speculation is currently mounting over whether Porsche could become a new partner to Red Bull if Volkswagen entered F1. Honda is currently supplying the engines.

Mercedes problems

The Formula 1 World Championship did not start out the way it should for Mercedes and seven-time champion Hamilton. After 10th place in Saudi Arabia, the 37-year-old Briton tried to clear his head by skydiving in Dubai. In the World Cup duel between Verstappen and Leclerc, the former permanent winner is currently just an extra player, and his historic eighth world title is a long way off.

“We’ve been in the middle of it for eight years. Toto Wolff, head of Mercedes Motorsport, said Toto Wolff:

The Constructors’ World Champion for the past eight years has had to contend with new aerodynamics. We won’t rest until we get there again,” Wolf said forcefully. Technical improvements to the Hamilton and George Russell race cars in Melbourne are already expected.

“We still don’t understand our car as well as we did at the end of last year,” said Andrew Shovlin, Mercedes’ chief engineer, complaining about the lack of speed. However, the right course has already been “taken, only the step was not big enough”. Now it’s about “finding a faster solution”.

For the first time this season for Vettel

In Australia, Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel will finally make his debut this season after missing the first two races due to the coronavirus.

“After not leaving the car for about a month, it became important to learn on the courses,” said the 34-year-old German. At the start of the season, Aston Martin had nothing to do with awarding championship points. Lance Stroll and substitute Nico Hulkenberg missed the top ten in the Gulf states.

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