Formula 1: Hamilton mocked! Verstappen climbs angrily

Formula 1: mockery and mockery of Hamilton! Red Bull and Verstappen follow up poorly after disaster

Max Verstappen: his path to becoming a superstar in Formula 1

Max Verstappen: his path to becoming a superstar in Formula 1

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen is Formula 1’s shooting star. The young Dutchman is the title favorite in the 2021 season and is making life difficult for Lewis Hamilton. We show you how this happened in this video.

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It was one of the scenes of the weekend in Formula 1: On lap 42 of the Imola GP race, the blue flag suddenly appeared on Lewis Hamilton. Without resistance, he had to wrap his archenemy Max Verstappen.

The absolute low point for Brits this season that has been spoiled all the time. The mood of the former first team Formula 1 slip into the vault. Then Hamilton had to endure ridicule and mockery.

Formula 1: Hamilton’s humiliation is getting worse

With a lot of luck, he managed to secure a podium place initially, but in Australia, failures also pushed him to fourth place. But apart from that, things are not going well for Hamilton. At Imola, he got no better than 13th place – a rare number zero for a Briton.


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On the other hand, Verstappen effortlessly led to victory and began catching up with Charles Leclerc. The Dutchman does not feel sorry for his former opponent. “That wasn’t really a surprise,” he clarified arrogantly after the race in regards to the lap.

Formula 1: Verstappen and Marko are not hiding behind a mountain

Mercedes has been very slow so far. Verstappen seems to have barely missed the head-to-head duel against the seven-time world champion: “That’s what it is,” the Red Bull driver said of the current situation.


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Another tip comes from RB Consultant Helmut Marko. Sky asked him how Hamilton felt when he was hit. “I mean, he was pressured by us, he probably thought he should have stopped last year,” Marko notes.

Formula 1: What’s next for Hamilton?

“I really don’t know what to say,” Hamilton said after the race. So far, there don’t seem to be any breakthrough ideas to bring back success in the short term.

The fact that his teammate finished fourth by beating him again shouldn’t lift Hamilton’s spirits. The truth is that Mercedes desperately needs to improve something in its car – otherwise Verstappen will likely outperform Hamilton more often in the future. (M)

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