Forbes: Tiger Woods has a fortune of $1 billion

During 27 years of professional work tiger wood He was responsible for establishing one of the most important legacies in the history of golf. This effort, which spanned nearly three decades, paid off economically and raised the profile of the 46-year-old athlete. in cash dome global sport.

According to information from Matt Craig, from Forbesit is expected that Woods has a net worth of $1 billion. The publication adds that the golfer is the second active athlete to reach this number and the third athlete overall (the other two billionaires are LeBron James and Michael Jordan).

How is Woods’ fortune divided?

Forbes adds that during his career, Tiger Woods Reports Total Payroll Earnings Over $1.7 Billion (Taxes and payments to representatives must be deducted from this). It is added that this number is the largest they have recorded in their history.

According to the analysis, less than 10% of Woods’ billionaire fortune comes from his earnings as a golfer. Most of his income comes from agreements with companies such as Gatorade, Monster Energy, TaylorMade, Rolex and Nike, The company that has sponsored him since 1996.

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Another source of revenue for Woods comes from TGR Ventures. Through this company, the golfer promotes sports-related businesses (TGR Design), produces events (TGR Live) and operates a restaurant (The Woods).

It should be noted that Woods’ fortune would be greater; However, a native of Cypress, California turned down an unprecedented deal. On June 6, it was reported that he had rejected an offer of nearly $1 billion to join a golf league in Saudi Arabia. Phil Mickelson accepted the invitation and is now banned from PGA events.

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