For subscribers, a real turning point

Over the past decade, the world of streaming platforms has literally been depopulated. As for the Italian region (but it also applies to the rest of the world) we started with Netflix, then brought Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Apple TV + and finally Paramount Channel respectively.

In one form or another, they all offer a wide range of movies and TV series within their catalog, with subscriptions perfectly suited to every type of need and person.

Over the past period, in particular, an interesting novelty has appeared that can make subscribers happy Netflix. From now on, in fact, you can quickly and easily control who accesses your account.

The function, which has also arrived for the Italian version of the platform, is called “Manage logins and devices“, and allows you to check with absolute accuracy who accesses our personal account. The company itself took the word, referring to access inside a hotel room or at a friend’s house, situations in which disconnection often occurs. This feature comes in handy for this purpose by trying that Define all access.

By doing this, a very common problem is avoided, that of reaching the maximum number of devices (smartphones, laptops, smart TVs and other devices of this type) that can be linked to our account. This functionality is available on every platform, and it can be accessed from both web browsers and apps for both the operating systems, Android and iOS respectively.

The aim of our advantage

In addition to understanding if someone else has logged into our account, this new feature introduced by Netflix allows you to do so Understand whether our password has been setor, in the worst case, by a malicious user, obviously without our consent.

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Parents can also use the function to view the audiovisual content that their children enjoy, including viewing time and relative location. This also makes it possible to circumvent those who know the password of a particular account, share it outside the family unit, and potentially make money on it.

Netflix 1

Using this function is very simple, you need to go to accounts, and then choose the “Access and Device Management” option. At this point, a page will open where it will be possible to view anyone who has accessed your account, their location and the device they are using, so that you can trace the identity of the person quickly enough.

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