Football Fans: UK launches Fan Led Review

The British government set up a parliamentary committee that drafted the ‘Football Fan Review of Football Governance’ Act, a law consisting of fan-led assessment and review of football. Emilio Abejón points out that this initiative provides the need to share hobbies and formulas to share these hobbies. One is the awarding of gold shares to the club’s fans for the right to overrule.

Announcement Premier League by Florentino Perez This has led to fans of Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham pressuring their clubs to back out of the proposal. This has sparked some controversy as to how this should be done business leaders Club owners can decide Playing with social and cultural institutions No less important than the clubs. for several years in United kingdom Fan organizations are working on proposals that Include hobbies and organizations From the fans inside the football government. Now they are real.

These clubs have 1 million followers Contradicts how competitions used to be and should be. In connection with this, it was created in Parliament a Parliamentary committee that drafted the ‘Fan-Led Review of Football Governance’, which consists of fan-led rating and review. This led to the emergence of many fan organizations and a document urging the British government and parliament to do so Introducing the elements of fan participation in football.

Michelle Donnellan.

Boris Johnson’s government has promised to stop this football mini-democracy. The current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi SunakMinister of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports, Michelle Donnellan, reiterated their commitment to organizing fan submissions to football government. Michelle Donnellan mentioned it The arrival of Fan Led Review is imminent. “I understand the urgency and the frustration. It is one of our main priorities, Leaving it in the hands of the same sector has not worked for decades. Some owners have let the fans down who didn’t act responsibly.”

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Emilio Abejon sees the need for government regulation of football Call Emilio AbegonSecretary General L.N Spanish Federation of Football Shareholders and Partners (FASFE)Which explains that “Fan Led review provides the need to share hobbies and formulas to share these hobbies. We must not forget that in England clubs trading companies For more than 100 years, thus, fans have been lacking in sharing formulas. On the other hand, the Association type clubs such as those in Germany, Sweden And some in Spain, like Real Madrid or BarcelonaThey tend to dominate democracy so that the leaders have more power, but they have the formulas.”

One of the main formulas developed by the British government is Granting gold shares to club fans To have a veto over certain operations such as selling stadiums, moving beyond 20 km, changing cities, changing symbols or changing shields. These areas of clubs must be far beyond what makes commercial sense, since The club is not and cannot be a company to useHe points to Emilio.

The Secretary General of the FASFE explains that “Some of the recommendations of the Fan Led review must be adopted by our law, which is a law currently in Senatewhich made and somewhat expanded some of these recommendations Paper hobbies, which was not complicated because the previous law completely ignored it. After the approval of the new law There will be a member of the board of directors who will be democratically elected by the members of the club, but you must go further. In Spain, the new sports bill is well advanced, so the bill will become law in the coming weeks. At least there is already recognition of the fans as a group and their participation, even if it is limited.”

Emilio Apichon claims that “the fact that the sector itself regulates football has not worked, because some of the evils that befall football – such as Using clubs to wash away dictatorial and theocratic regimes Or the fact that the owners use the clubs for Political and social influenceIt conflicts with the interests of the masses. Obviously enter business logic He created clubs as a means of obtaining income or social importance, which led to football becoming a branch of audiovisual entertainment, as the sector turned to earning benefits for some people.

Fans are the foundation that justifies the sector’s existence, and those who give football the social importance it has. The Football government You can’t ignore one of the most important groups involved: the fans. The fact of changing club codes, changing its region, or jeopardizing the financial sustainability of the entity are things that happen more easily because they are Fans do not participate In the government of this sport ”concludes the FASFE Secretary General.

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