Florida vs Mickey Mouse Math

Republican and ultra-conservative Governor Ron DeSantis is fast-tracking the creation of the first “Made in the USA” Taliban state.

Ron DeSantisas well as being a very conservative, Republican, and potential rival to the former president Donald Trump In the upcoming Republican primary, he is also the man who implemented the controversial law called “Don’t worry gay” (Don’t say gay).

Florida, Republicans again attack young trans

the law of this prohibited For teachers and students themselves To talk about LGBT+ issuesunder penalty of dismissal. And report any behavior from students they consider to be non-heterosexual to their families. The law that is already opened in schools Florida Search for LGBT+.

And now, I’m not happy with the pressure Anti LGBT + I decided to censor math. It may sound strange but file Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Education From Florida Excluding 54 math books from the K-12 course (our compulsory school for ages 3-17).

incentive? Simply because these books contain “References to forbidden subjects or undesirable strategies, and indoctrination of children”.

Florida governor signs ‘Don’t Say Gay’ anti-gay law

The Republican governor is not new in terms of censorship of culture and ideologically indoctrinating young people of Republican thought, in fact, in 2020, she gave birth to his staff Benchmarcks for Excellent Student Thinking (The best) who went to replace common coreNational Academic Objectives Program Related to Reading and Mathematics. In addition, the following year it was forbidden in schools to also talk about racism and “Cash Race Theory” which states that “Racism is not just a product of prejudice, it is something that is rooted in American society in order to support the superiority of white people.”.

The Wave Pride 2022, first dates

A few days ago also criticized Disney Florida has a theme park – simply because the entertainment giant has sided against the Dont’say Gay Law. But in the end it was also necessary to return to the threats received at Disney.

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