Five educational agents from Buen Comienzo will travel to Finland to learn about educational models

.: This internship will allow learning about successful experiences in strengthening Medellín’s early education model.

.: The exchange will allow those selected to live in the home of educational agents and attend kindergartens in the European country.

.: Finland is one of the countries that top the PISA test rankings of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Words from Diana Osorio, Director of Social Affairs.410 KB

Five educational agents from Buen Comienzo were selected for immersion training in Finland, during the month of June, to learn about one of the world’s leading early childhood models and create alliances to replicate successful practices.

The decision was made by outside experts from the local university network and was made based on an evaluation of the program’s inspiring educational experiences.

“As part of the Wellbeing Strategy, we are announcing the four Education Agents and the Education Agent who will travel to Vantaa, Finland to discover the best early childhood experience in the world.”Social Director, Diana Osorio.

The winning agents will experience a week of immersion: they will be welcomed into the home of the educational agents in Finland and learn about the parks and educational centers of this European country. In addition, they will have the opportunity to learn about their culture.

Andres Mauricio Carmona, one of these selectors, stated: “The chosen project, ‘Playing with Science’, we had already developed several years ago at Living Together. It was created in the development room to help reinforce children’s learning, those doubts, those questions they had, and last year the director announced an exchange to Finland And that the requests were made, we introduced ourselves with the project and today we were called to this magical moment.”.

The Finnish education model has been replicated in other countries around the world, such as Spain, Mexico, England, and others. He will make a significant contribution to building Medellín’s primary education curriculum, which will serve as a national and international example.

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The exchange is achieved thanks to joint work with Finland, which will provide resources and hospitality to educational agents, and Medellin will bear the transportation costs.

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