First evidence of 5G launch from Claro Chile appears soon

The December 16 It will be a historical history for our country because that day was Official launch of 5G networks in Chile.

On that day we saw operators IntelAnd Movestar s WOM Announcing their 5G networks and in the case of Entel and Movistar to activate the service in some locations in the country. In the case of WOM, they waited until March 24 to turn on their 5G network.

Until then, Movistar, Entel and WOM customers were all happy. however, What happened to the customers? Chile survey? Well, they have practically been keeping an eye on how others have enjoyed the new 5G mobile network.

Why didn’t Claro offer 5G like others in Chile?

Well, the official answer is that they cannot offer 5G like Entel, Movistar and WOM simply because they have not acquired spectrum in the 3.5GHz band. However, there is a possibility that Entel can sell some spectrum in this band.

In the 3.5 GHz band tender for 5G deployment, Entel got 130 MHz in the said band, exceeding the 105 MHz limit, forcing to start the separation process with two options: sell it or return it to Subtel.

Entel’s decision was to reach an agreement with Claro to acquire 30MHz in the 3.5GHz band, with both companies requesting the necessary permits from Subtel to carry out the deal. However, this deal had to be postponed.

Services given to Entel in this range only consider the availability of fixed services, the same services that Claro will be able to access through this purchase. As a result, Claro will have to implement a process to change these tariffs before the regulatory authority in order to offer mobile services, a process that could take a few months.

All of the above happened about a year ago and the status of the said transaction is currently unknown. However, everything seems to indicate that 5G from Claro is about to arrive.

Claro Chili 5G

During the month of April, many of us saw that Claro was advertising and some contests, in which they mentioned that 5G will be available very soon.

For example, in social networks, we can see that they have promoted the arrival of the Galaxy S22 Ultra and its 5G logo can be seen. They also made a file private site It says “Prepare for the future of 5G,” explaining what 5G is and publishing a list of the equipment they sell that is compatible with 5G.

But we’re not just talking about the announcements, because during this May we saw two people who discovered the Claro 5G network through the NetMonster app (for Android) using the same method that allowed us to detect the first 5G networks from Movistar, Entel and WOM.

We have the case of Jorge Apablaza who discovered Claro’s 5G NSA network in the Las Condes region, specifically in the Escuela Militar.

Then we have the user CL Discord operator “whoisviktu” who claims to have discovered Claro’s 5G NSA network at the top of Cerro San Cristobal.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we have the Ookla Speedtest app and in its mobile network map we can see that, at least in Santiago, there are many bright spots with Claro’s 5G network, and this data is automatically sent to the same users who use this app famous.

What kind of 5G will they run?

That’s the big question we’re asking ourselves now as we imagine these tests the operator seems to be running for the past few days.

It’s possible that Claro has already had the full transaction they made with disbanded Entel and now uses said spectrum in the 3.5GHz band to be able to deploy a 5G network, that’s a possibility.

It is also rumored that it could be 5G DSStechnology that Claro uses in many neighboring countries, such as, for example, Brazil. However, it does not have the advantage of offering good performance, but it could be an alternative that we do not rule out.

And the last alternative might be a “desperate” measure of offering 5G from another operator, i.e. some kind of 5G local roaming. For example, a WOM operator may give it access to its 5G network, as is currently the case with its 4G network, where all Claro customers can connect to WOM’s 4G AWS network. The same can happen with Movistar’s 5G, and even with Entel.

Are you waiting for 5G from Claro Chile or are you not interested? Tell us!

Many thanks to Jorge Apablaza and “whoisviktu” for the screenshots!

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