First-class tourism, from the Eccia report, the numbers and tricks to develop it

It just represents 2% of European accommodation facilitiesbut is born approx 22% of turnover on the continent. and the high end tourism as a study European Cultural and Creative Industries Alliancewhich he attempted to quantify taking into account not only hotel turnover, but also food, wine, shopping, and culture.

“Today – explains the president Matthew Lonely – approximately equal to 170 billionbut in ten years can grow 520 billion“.
But Eccia’s study also determines the value of the piece in Italy; In our country, where tourism has a turnover that fluctuates between 80 and 100 billion Euro, high-end sector is born a Spending 25 billion. “In fact – explains Lunelli to Affari & Finanza di Repubblica – it represents the top of the range in our country less than 1%but it can still create a file 25% of domestic tourism spending. More can be done, similar to Portugal and Greece, which reached 5%.”

In the top five squad
However, with France, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom, Italy is on the shortlist five countries which, according to an Eccia report, generates a file 75% Of the value of high-end tourism in Europe.
The upscale traveler is valuable Mainly because he invests eight times more than the average in his vacation e Don’t spare any expenses When it comes to sustainable food, wine and experiences; It also contributes to 33% of spending is on cultureentertainment and shopping.

business development recipe
In order to attract him more and more, the ingredients of the recipe are many, but the types of holidays that meet the liking of this type of customer and which must therefore be strengthened are sustainable tourismwhich – which natural And the holiday is connected health.

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“It is also necessary Infrastructure improvement – Lunelli points out – because the high-end user wants comfortable travel, with airports close to vacation spots. Finally, a policy Issuance of visas And last but not least, system enhancement Hospitality Training“.

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