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The Motorcycle Grand Prix from Finland, start The 12th test of the season is scheduled for July 10, 2022canceled, announced International Motorcycle Federation (FIM) and promoter Our turn for motorcycles.

“Harmony works in Operation on the circuit and the geopolitical situation in the region‘, located about a hundred kilometers from the Russian border, led to the cancellation of this race, which it should took place in kosalajustified in the statement of FIM, Dorna and International Association of Racing Teamswhich reassembles files Teams present at the highest sporting level.

Finland and Its Swedish neighbor recently decided to join NATO due to the Russian attack on Ukrainean option criticized by Moscow.

KymiRing, named after the nearby Kymi River, is a The new district, located about a hundred kilometers northeast of the capital Helsinki, and a few more from the Russian borderIt should have hosted the first MotoGP Grand Prix on Finnish soil for 40 years.

With With a length of 4.5 kilometers, consisting of 21 bends and 1.1 kilometers respectively, it is the longest in EuropeThe circuit will have to wait a year before it makes its MotoGP debut.

Among the tests The Netherlands in Assen on June 26 and the UK at Silverstone on August 7, there will be no Grand PrixIn this 2022 season, it will now only have 20 circuits.

With information from Agence France-Presse

Photo: AFP

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