Finland, “the happiest country in the world”, Venezuela, one of the last countries on the list

Finland was voted “the happiest country in the world” for the fifth consecutive year on Friday by the “World Happiness Report” ranking, which places Afghanistan last.

Costa Rica ranked 23rd, Uruguay (30th) and Brazil (39th) the best Latin American countries in this ranking. Spain ranks 29th out of a total of 146.

Venezuela (ranked 108) is the worst country in Latin America, even after Iraq.

“The three most important achievements were those of Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. The strongest setbacks were in Lebanon, Venezuela and Afghanistan,” said a “World Happiness Report” funded by the United Nations ten years ago.

Finland, with a score of 7.82 out of ten, is ahead of Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and the Netherlands, which are next on this list.

The report is based on surveys that ask people how happy they feel and crosses this information with data on gross domestic product, levels of individual freedom or corruption, among other things.

“The lesson from the report, in these 10 years, is that generosity among people and honesty among governments are critical to well-being,” according to Jeffrey Sachs, one of the report’s authors.

“World leaders will have to take it into account,” he added.

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