Finland suspends the only train line between Russia and the European Union

Helsinki, March 25 The government of Finland has ordered the suspension of the train line between Saint Petersburg and Helsinki, the only railway line between Russia and the European Union (EU) that has been operating, from next Monday, the company said on Friday. Finnish Railways VR. VR officials pointed out that this decision of the Finnish executive is due to the sanctions imposed by the European Union on Moscow as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as the company operating this train service is 50% owned by the state company. Russian RZD. The Allegro, the high-speed train linking Saint Petersburg and Helsinki, has so far been one of the main exit routes for thousands of Russians fleeing their country to escape sanctions, as the closure of airspace suspended inter-Russian flights. and Europe. “So far, we have continued to operate Allegro as instructed by the authorities, and the purpose has been to ensure the return of Finns to Finland. In these weeks, people who wanted to leave Russia had time to do so,” VR Director Toby Simola said in a statement. Finnish Railways said the last Allegro train would arrive in Helsinki on Sunday afternoon and all subsequent trains would be canceled “until further notice”. Allegro was suspended for several months due to travel restrictions due to the covid-19 pandemic and returned to circulation last December, when the epidemiological situation improved, with two trains per day in each direction. After the connection was resumed, the passenger volume was lower than usual due to the epidemic, but according to VR, since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, almost all trains from Saint Petersburg have reached Helsinki in full. Most of the travelers were Russian citizens who had connections abroad and wanted to stay in Finland or continue their journey to other European countries. EFE jg / egw / ig

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