Finland strengthens its borders with Russia

Finland unveils a security plan for its border with Russia, which includes a 200-kilometer fence, due to the tensions raised by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The fence will rise more than three meters with barbed wire at the top, and its cost will rise to about 380 million euros. The plan foresees the fencing of 1,300 kilometers of the border.

explains Brigadier General Jari Tolpanen, of the Finnish Border Guard Agency.

Border crossing restrictions and closures

Finland saw an influx of Russians in September after President Vladimir Putin ordered the mobilization of reservists to fight in Ukraine. Then Helsinki severely restricted and imposed strict restrictions on the entry of Russian citizens.

The NATO candidate country approved amendments to its border law in July, which allow border crossings to be closed in the event of large-scale entry attempts into the country. The planned construction of the fence will be completed in three phases in 2026.

Poland and the Baltic states also increased their security

Estonia, Latvia and Poland have also increased security on their borders with Russia or plan to do so. Nowadays, Finland’s borders are secured mainly by light wooden fences, designed primarily to prevent livestock from wandering to the wrong side. The most sensitive border areas will be equipped with night vision cameras, lights and loudspeakers.

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