Finland stops granting tourist visas to Russians

Finns resent the arrival of Russian tourists.

As an act of solidarity with Ukraine, the conservative Finnish opposition party, this week in Parliament, proposed, Stop new tourist visas for Russians.

And that’s it The Scandinavian country is the only neighbor of the European Union that grants them this type of visa.

Finnish residents consider it immoralConsider the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Despite the solidarity of the population, Russian tourists represent a An important source of income for Finnish border towns.

So many businessmen fear that Russian tourists may disappear again. They criticize the opposition’s proposal.

In July, Finland issued more than 10,000 new visas to Russian citizens.

Many of them admit their sadness if this initiative continues.

“I will be very sad and disappointed. Because I love Finland so much and I like to rest here. It is a wonderful country, with nature and lakes. I will be disappointed”, regrets Boris Surovtsev, a Russian tourist.

Other countries in the Schengen area that share a border with Russia, such as Estonia, Latvia or Poland, have already restricted visas for Russian visitors.

Now Finland has joined the group. It is a proposal that Russia “You will react very negativelyKremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday.

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