Finland remains out of the 2022 motorcycle calendar

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The Finnish Grand Prixwhich was scheduled for the weekend of July 8-10, as it was the twelfth stop on the MotoGP calendar in 2022, will not be held last, as it will be postponed until 2023.

In a note issued by FIMS s our turnThe tournament promoter explains the reasons for this change.

“Harmony works in KimiRingcombined with the risks posed by the current geopolitical situation in the region, has unfortunately led to the cancellation of 2022 Finnish Grand Prix. The current circumstances have led to delays and jeopardized the ongoing work of the new department. Therefore, all parties have agreed to postpone the launch of the track to 2023, when MotoGP hopes to return to Finland for the first time in four decades.”

“Therefore, the final schedule is expected to MotoGP World Championship 2022 is 20 rounds,” which rules out any substitution with a new, unscheduled race.

In case you missed it:

new circle KimiRing It was the second track to be released this year, after Mandalika, in Indonesia, but it ultimately won’t arrive in time to be released this season.

Despite the fact that the championship promoter was confident that everything would be ready to host an event that would return to the Scandinavian country after 40 years (1982), a visit by the MotoGP delegation last week advised that the race be postponed.

In order to dispel any doubts and verify in the field the validity of the KymiRing, Send Dorna and FIM ‘Exploration Groupwith operations personnel, television, logistics, etc. ” Promoted Source, on the Monday after the French Grand Prix.

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After three days of visiting the facilities, it was found that the works had not gone sufficiently well since the last visit in August 2019, When many test drivers took a test with indifferent results about the Finnish trackIt is located in the town of Kosala, near Kouvola and about 140 kilometers northeast of the capital, Helsinki.

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