Finland: Artists paint a huge snow mandala

Helsinki –

What appears to be drawn is actually the work of a dozen pairs of snowshoes: In Finland, an artist and volunteers left a giant snowflake pattern on a golf course covered in snow.

Bird’s eye view: The house (left) gives an idea of ​​the size of a snow mandala.

Based on an idea from the initiator and hobby artist Janne Pyykkö, a geometric mandala-like piece of snow art was created in Espoo Square near Helsinki, as shown, among other things, by a video from the Yle radio station.

The fact that art is ephemeral literally applies: the structure may have disappeared again with the next snowstorm in the Finnish capital region.

According to the newspaper “Helsingin Sanomat”, the diameter of clouds on ice is about 160 meters. She had already reported a similar project from Pyykkö in 2018. (dpa)

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