Finland announces its decision on NATO on May 12

The Finnish President Sauli Niinistöset May 12 as the deadline for announcing his position on his position Possible NATO membershipA day that coincides with the meeting of the parliamentary blocs and two days before the Democratic Party headed by Prime Minister Sana Marin announced its position.

If their position agrees with the accession, The Finnish government will be able to initiate incorporation proceduresAccording to the President of the Republic’s statements to the newspaper “Ilta Sanomat” published today, Saturday.

While there are many indications that Finland may apply for membership in the coming weeks, the country is there Close contact with neighboring Sweden Take consensual action to protect against Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On Friday, after a meeting with his Swedish counterpart Anne Linde in Helsinki, Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto stressed the importance of the two countries taking decisions. At the same address and within the same period..

The Russian invasion of Ukraine led to a A new security urgency in Stockholm and Helsinki, which welcomes joining a military organization. For this, it maintains the process Parliamentary Consultations A final decision on joining the military alliance is expected in mid-May.

Finland’s President Sauli Niinisto | Photo: Reuters

Sweden and Finland are not part but are closest partners and are already involved in missions and operations. This makes the formal negotiations to enter the alliance can be resolved “in two days”Allied spokesman said Europe Press.

The most difficult step is that of ratification because of the different procedures that are in place in each NATO member. This bureaucratic procedure will take months This makes the official entry not to arrive until the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023, which worries Sweden and Finland, who want to obtain security guarantees for this transitional period, after Moscow threatened to retaliate if they joined the NATO.

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