| Today’s Italian Stock Exchange: Stellantis, Bper, Seco

The opening of European stock exchanges is expected to be positive today

The opening of European stock exchanges is expected to be positive today, as trading resumes after a negative session last Friday that saw Avary Square closed with a noticeable decline (Ftse Mib -1.06% to 24,166 points) amid concerns regarding the next moves by central banks and also ruling out a new increase in the spread . The Italian Stock Exchange has archived the week with a negative balance (-1.91%) while the ending balance since the beginning of the year is -11.63%.

Markets remain focused on the upcoming interest rate increases by central banks, especially after the US employment report released on Friday which highlighted the creation of 390,000 new jobs, above expectations (325,000). This paves the way for the Fed’s restrictive maneuvers. The US central bank aims to raise the cost of money by half a point in June and another 50 basis points at the July meeting. For its part, the European Central Bank should raise interest rates, which are still at historical lows, with a first adjustment of 25 points in July and another in September, but there is still uncertainty about the path of the hikes.

On the macroeconomic agenda, the focus is mainly on US inflation in May which is scheduled for next Friday.

The USA in the future This morning they treated more than equal.

Meanwhile in Tokyo Nikki It closed 0.56% at 27,915 points.

on me Forex, EUR/USD recovered slightly to 1.0730. The petroleum Brent advanced at $120 and WTI at $119 a barrel.

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Wall Street closed Friday night sharply lower: Dow Jones -1.05% at 32.899 points, Standard & Poor’s 500 -1.63% at 4,108 points, Nasdaq -2.47% at 12.012 points.

Italiana Stock Exchange today: Stocks in the fore

On the Milan Stock Exchange, it is worth noting that Fca Us, affiliated with StilantsThe US Department of Justice settled a criminal investigation involving 101,482 diesel vehicles. This was announced by FCA Us in a note. The deal, which is subject to approval by the US Federal Court, includes a guilty plea, a fine of $96.1 million, and a fine of $203.6 million in conduct earnings. The total amount is largely covered by the approximately 266 million euros ($301 million) previously allocated in connection with the so-called “diesel jet”. Consumer complaints regarding the vehicles in question have already been resolved, as stated, and no further recall campaigns are needed.

Among the banks, announcing the closing of the acquisition deal Carriage From PepperWhich acquired 79.418% of the Interbank Fund. Modena is ready to launch the remaining bid offer at €0.80, the bid document will be submitted to Consob. Moreover, in line with the antitrust ruling, an agreement was signed with Banco di Desio and Brianza To sell two distinct branches of the company comprising of 8 bank branches owned by Banco di Sardegna and 40 branches currently owned by Banca Carige.

Among other news on the Italian Stock Exchange today, sico In May, it recorded its monthly order book of more than 31 million euros. This amount increases the value of the accumulation, which amounted, as previously announced, to 164 million as of April 30, 2022.

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