finally? The new Twitter subscription will arrive on Monday and will be more affordable on the iPhone

Twitter It plans to launch a new subscription offer on Monday, which will be more affordable for device users manzanawhich includes the account authentication system on the platform.

We are relaunching @Twitter Blue Monday: Subscribe on the web for $8 per month or on iOS manzana which is used in Iphone) for $11 per month to access exclusive subscriber features, including a blue verification badge,” the group tweeted on Saturday.

Colors of verified accounts

The company said the blue badge will be awarded after verification.

This label will be gold for businesses and gray for government organizations later in the week.

Those who subscribe will get access to the job Edit Tweets after they are posted or download higher quality videos.

And the platform wrote in its official account, after announcing this decision, which witnessed marches and counter-rallies, “Thank you for your patience while we work to improve Azraq.”

Get the money back

after purchase Twitter by the end of october, Elon Musk It announced its intention to launch a payment model to diversify the income of the social network, whose financial health largely depends on its advertising revenue.

Prior to Musk’s purchase, the platform offered free verification badges to organizations and individuals, and offered a paid subscription to access additional functionality. (AFP)

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