FIFA awaits reports as an anti-gay outcry was recorded

An investigation will be conducted to analyze whether it is necessary for the FIFA Disciplinary Committee to initiate action against the Mexican Football Federation after an anti-gay slur was recorded in the match between Mexico and the United States.

In the FIFA They are waiting for match reports between Mexico And the United State, who was played in Aztec Stadiumin which the anti-homophobic cry was heard again, which is acknowledged by the highest authority in football around the world.

According to the sources, the reports are still pending and an investigation will be conducted to analyze whether it is necessary for FIFA Disciplinary Committee Initiation of action against the Mexican Football Federation.

The Mexican Football FederationFor its part, it documented all the actions that took place during the match, in addition to having video evidence of people who left the building for insisting on an anti-homosexual cry.

The Estadio Azteca’s homophobic cry was recorded in injury time, when USA goalkeeper Zach Stephen cleared the ball. This led to a movement in the stands which led to the fans being driven out of the building for their insistence on inappropriate behaviour.

Moreover, weeks ago, it was Mexican Football Federation Campaign against anti-gay outcry and limit sales to 50 percent of capacity Aztec Stadium In their most important match in the World Cup. A system has also been implemented to identify the entry of fans into the stadium, fan ID, although he had problems in his first test. It is ensured that the work has already been done so that mistakes are not repeated in the match against him savior.

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The FIFA already authorized Mexico With two matches behind closed doors, against Panama And the Costa Ricabut the penalty can be temporarily revoked, because FMF Resorted to Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) A precautionary measure has been obtained to postpone or nullify the sentence if the case is won before the court in the coming weeks.

On social media, fans tricolor He invited them to raise an anti-gay outcry, protesting some of his actions Mexican Football Federation, affecting Mexican football.

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