FeST 2022: Netflix is ​​giving away a lot of prizes

Tear Along The Edges (Netflix) and Bang Bang Baby (Prime Video) are among the most award-winning series in FeST And the Netflix He wins the most prizes.

FeST – TV Series Festival

The Series Awards, dedicated to Italian television series, in its second edition, reveal the winners for 2022. The awards ceremony will take place on Sunday 25 September, on the occasion of the final evening of the fourth edition of FeST- Television Series Festival. The first Italian festival entirely dedicated to television serials at the time of broadcast services, at Triennale Milano.

It will be the command of the evening, which can only be accessed by invitation Aurora Lion And the Eduardo Ferrari.

FeST . jury

The 14 awards in series were voted on by a large jury – chaired by FeST Technical Director Marina Pierri and made up of experts and advocates from the sector – which in recent months has evaluated and analyzed the Italian TV series in competition.

The Re-Framing Nature and Rising Star Special Awards were voted for directly by the management of FeST – The Festival of TV Series.

The series products that have received the most awards are Tear Along the Edges (produced by Movimenti Production with Bao Publishing for Netflix). and Bang Bang Baby (Prime video series produced for Amazon Studios by The Apartment and Wildside, both of the Fremantle Group, in co-production with Enormous Films).

Cut along the edges She won the Script Series of the Year award. Best Supporting Actor award went to Valerio Masandria (Armadillo). to me Michel Rich (Zerocalcare), Direction Awards, and Writer’s Room Award.

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bang bang baby

Three Bang Bang Baby Awards: Special Nature Reframing Award – dedicated to the theme of the fourth edition of FeST. Rising Star Award Announcement Ariana Pecheroni For her interpretation of Alice’s character and appearance and appearance award on scenography, fashion, makeup, and hair.

Francesco Serpico received a Badness Award for “As He Did Good Things” for the character Nino Sarratore in L’Amica Geniale 3 (Produced by Fremantle, The Apartment, Wildside, Fandango, Rai Fiction for Rai). The series, based on Elena Ferrante’s bestselling book, also won an Interpreter Award for its protagonist and went to Gaia Girace and Margherita Mazzucco for their performances as Lila and Lenù.

Couple/Relationship of the Year Award

Marco Demore (Ciro) and Salvatore Esposito (Jenny) for Gomora – Final Season (Sky Original series produced by Cattleya) received this year’s Couple/Relationship Award.

At Michel’s house in Le Fate Ignoranti (produced by R&C Produzioni for Disney+), the “Ci vivrei” award for the most beautiful house in the TV series.

Di4ri (produced by Stand by me for Netflix) goes to Children’s Series of the Year.

The team (Sky Original Documentary Series directed by Domenico Procacci and produced by Fandango, Sky and Luce Cinecittà) was awarded Docuserie of the Year.

Entertainment Series of the Year went to Una pezza di Lundini (Produced by Stand by me for Rai).

The Psalmist wins Block 181

Salmo is the winner of the Soundtrack Award for the soundtrack to Block 181 (Sky Original series produced in-house by Sky Studios with TapelessFilm and Red Joint Film for SKY). For the block disc 181 Original Soundtrack (Sony Music), which just won the disc gold, Salmo compiled 21 artists including rappers, musicians and producers, all selected among the most important Italian scene.

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Finally, The Finger of God (Produced and Distributed by Chora) Pablo Trincia It won many podcast awards and we’d like it to become a scripted series.


Numerous guests, including winners, prominent names in the sector and advocates of the world of entertainment and culture as award recipients, who will attend the awards ceremony on September 25, among them: Nora Felder, Gaya Gerassi, Ariana Pecheroni, Pablo Trincia, Lilith Primavera, Giovanni Benincasa, Gianluca Gazzoli, Parade Vitale, Pierluca Maritti, Alias ​​@pirezz_che, Domenico Procacci, Mamamademerda.

All categories and winners

  1. Nature’s Special Prize for Reframing to Bang Bang Baby

  2. Ariana Pecheroni Special Rising Star Award for her role in Bang Bang Baby

  3. Badness Award “As He Did Good Things” to Francesco Serpico for his role in The Genial Friend 3

  4. Supporting Translator Valerio Masandrea Award for his role in Tearing the Edges.

  5. Interpreter Award to Gaia Girace and Margherita Mazzucco for their roles in L’Amica Geniale 3

  6. Look and Feel Award for Bang Bang Baby

  7. Direction Award to Michele Rech (Zerocalcare) for Edge Ripped

  8. 4ri . Kids Series of the Year Award

  9. Best Written Series of the Year Award at Tear Along Edges

  10. Docuserie of the Year Award for One Team

  11. Entertainment Series of the Year award to Una pezza di Lundini

  12. Soundtrack Award for Original and Non-Original Music to Psalm for Block 181

  13. “Writer’s Room” award for original and non-original texts to Michele Rech (Zerocalcare) for Torn along the edges

  14. Couple/Relationship of the Year Award to Marco Demore and Salvatore Esposito for Gomora – Final Season

  15. “Ci vivrei” award for the most beautiful house in Michele’s house at Le Fate Ignoranti

  16. Strappare’s “Chiara e tonda” special prize along the edges

  17. Podcast award that we would like to become a series written on God’s finger

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