FC Bayern: Why Barcelona is also helping Lewandowski’s brand

Munich – The fact that the sums that are now transmitted in football and which are difficult to understand by the average consumer have long come to terms with that. However, upon closer examination, one’s jaw drops from time to time.

This also applies to the annual salary with which FC Barcelona wants to attract Robert Lewandowski to Spain. The 33-year-old could earn between 30-35 million there, according to a “SportBild” report. For comparison: in Munich, the Polish goal machine is said to earn about ten million euros less than those with higher incomes.

The expert explains: Lewandowski could have marketed himself better in Spain

The two-time world soccer player FIFA has been flirting with a move to the Iberian Peninsula for years. For a long time, Real Madrid was Lewandowski’s favorite target, but now Barcelona is at the top of the priority list. In the case of moving to Spain, it will not only jump in terms of salary, as marketing expert Professor Dr. Dirk Jungles of the University of Applied Management in AZ explains.

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In Spain, Lewandowski also has a huge advantage in terms of self-marketing. “FC Barcelona has more options because of the language. When it comes to Spanish clubs, you can’t just think of Spain,” says Jungles: “Spanish is one of the languages ​​of the world besides English, so it can be found in South America or in the native language community. Spanish in the United States.

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Marketing potential is limited in Germany

In a German club – even if it’s a global brand like FC Bayern – the marketing potential is simply reduced by the language. According to official estimates, about 130 million people in the world speak German, while more than 500 million speak Spanish.

In terms of his fan base, Liwei could “position himself differently in social media, for example,” Jungles concludes. “This type of self-marketing has become increasingly important to professional athletes in recent years.”

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How can Bayern Munich replace Lewandowski as an advertising face?

The most important currency are followers in social networks. Although Lewandowski lags behind his Munich teammates here, it is clear that he lags behind the world’s top stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar. Moving to Spain could change that.

It can demand more from its advertising partners like Gilette, Head & Shoulders or T-Mobile and at the same time be more attractive to new sponsors. His own brand “RL9”, which he promotes on social media, among others, will also benefit greatly from this.

For Bayern Munich, the departure of the most famous player in the world from the squad would be a huge loss in terms of marketing. But Jungels thinks it can be compensated.

Lewandowski’s departure would, of course, be a loss in terms of marketing, but that could be made up for in a year or two. This is also based on experience from the past, because that is exactly what the club has been able to do over and over again.

Marketing expert Professor Dr. Dirk Jungles

It will take a year or two to replace Lewandowski as a brand

“Of course, it is also interesting for big international companies if they can advertise with big people like Robert Lewandowski. But the Bayern Munich squad is full of world stars, like Manuel Neuer or Thomas Muller, for example, I think,” he says.

Lewandowski’s departure is still, of course, a loss in terms of marketing, “but it can be compensated for in a year or two. This also depends on past experience, because that is exactly what the club has always done when players have left.” Former figureheads like Franck Ribery, Arjen Robben or Bastian Schweinsteiger could eventually be replaced in the long run.

It remains unclear who will succeed Robert Lewandowski on and off the field. But he should be the one who not only scores goals, but is also good at advertising. The sums that have become normal in top-flight football have to come from somewhere.

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