Father Kotwica becomes vicar of parish in the parish community of Baunach and the parish district of Haßberge Ost

Bishop D has appointed Father Franz Jung Father Peter Kotowika (56 years old) of the Franciscan Minor Congregation as vicar of the parish in the parish community “Sankt Christopherus im Bunch-Witz-Lautergrund, Bauenach” as of October 1, 2022, as well as to work in the parish district of Ein Haßberge Ost. This came from a press release issued by the Würzburg Professorship. The place of work is the catholic parsonage in Baunach, and the place of residence is the parsonage in Reckendorf. The supervisor is the secretary of the pastoral space, the director of the parish d. Vincent Moulin Corian. Kotowika was born in 1966 in Pesice, Poland. He was ordained a priest on May 30, 1998 in Krakow. In 2008 he became vicar of the diocese of Dettingen and Grosswillsheim, and in 2009 he became diocese of Diocese. Since 2010, he has worked as a parish director at Ernstkirchen-Kleinkall. In 2011, Kotowika became a working priest in the parish of Erlenbach Trivenstein. Since 2012 he has helped the parish community “Am Weinstock Jesu, Zeil am Main” before his community transferred him to the monastery in Düsseldorf.

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