Farid resigns as PRM’s Senate spokesperson

Senator for the National District, Farid Raafoul Yesterday she announced her decision not to continue serving as a spokesperson for the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) in the Senate of the Republic.

As the congresswoman explained, PRM Exclusive to HOY, this decision is irrevocable and was announced within your organization three months ago.

“Three months ago I expressed my decision not to be in front of the spokesperson to give others a chance; This means that when my party needed me in the first two crucial years, I took on the role of spokesperson and with it the work to support potential consensus and to speak with a sense of the body, it was now time to make way for another comrade to pursue that work.”Raful, who will be the ruling party’s spokesman on August 16 in the Senate for a two-year term.

He said that his colleagues from the PRM block in Senate Now they will have to decide who they can take instead.

As a spokesperson BlocThere are many time-consuming coordinating tasks to run the entire House, so I will now be able to focus more on the legislative and mediation tasks that I do from the senator’s office, concentrating on the laws of vital importance that are expected to come out in the next legislature. , such as the Land Administration Act, the Statistics Act, and reforms Party law and election lawamong others,” Rafull stabbed.

Finding out about Fred Ravol’s decision almost coincides with the meeting on Thursday of the committee headed by Eddie Olivares, which on Thursday will announce the decision it will take on who will head the Senate of the Republic and the Senate. Parliament.

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Yesterday morning, Tuesday, a member of Congress, requesting a reservation of names, disclosed to this reporter also that since then National Palace The decision that was taken was that Eduardo Estrella would continue to preside over the Senate of the Republic and Alfred Pacheco He did the same in the House of Representatives.
The transcript obtained by HOY aroused suspicion when the Senate abruptly canceled a meeting with the accredited press that had been scheduled for Wednesday, 9 Eduardo Estrella.

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