Famous gadgets are now small treasures

In our homes, unused or forgotten in the attic, there may be few technological treasures. Iconic objects that time has made timeless and re-valued. According to one of the UK’s largest independent retailers of consumer electronics, Ebuyer, who in a paper highlighted the potential current cost of these things Taking inflation into account, with special reference to some limited editions. For example, the Polaroid instant camera made famous by Andy Warhol, was produced in the OneStep version of the 1970s in only six copies: Today it is worth $150,000. The IBM Computer, a pioneer in personal computing that often appears in collectors’ collections, is now valued at $4,600.

Other things that have become a cult

Music lovers of a certain generation can never forget walkman Designed for listening to audio tapes on the go with headphones, before iPod and smartphones where you can download songs. A revolution due to Sony, which at the end of the seventies launched this technological tool: today the most expensive item for collectors is the Signature Series Walkman Digital Music Player, Transferred more than 3 thousand dollars. Those who were teenagers in the ’90s can’t forget Nintendo Game Boy, the game console that looked like a white brick, is estimated to have sold at 200 million units. Well, one of the rarest versions, the Pokemon Game Boy Advance SP Charizard Edition, in perfect condition can fetch up to 15 thousand dollars.

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