Family allowance announces new amounts

Due to the rise in the minimum wage to 400,000 pesos, family support will also see increases.

family allowance
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The Single family allowance (SUF) is a government benefit paid monthly to Mothers, fathers or guardians who do not have social securityLee do not have enough resources to Maintain their family responsibilities.

Interest is directed to Responsible mother, fathers and guardians For minor(s) and natural persons responsible for a disabled person of any age who lives at their expense and is pregnant (get mother support).

What are the new amounts to support one family?

Because of the wage adjustment, which increases the lowest wages up to 400.00 thousand pesosFamily support amounts have also increased. As of August 1, the new amounts are:

  • The first reason: $16,418
  • 2 reasons: $32836
  • 3 reasons: $49,254
  • 4 reasons: $65,672
  • 5 reasons: $82,090
  • 6 reasons: $98,508
  • 7 reasons: $114,926
  • 8 reasons: $131,344
  • 9 reasons: $147,762
  • 10 reasons: $164,970

If any of the deceased have physical or cognitive impairment, The amount will be SUF $32,836 for that person.

How to apply?

The operation can be performed throughout the year. So, You must contact your municipality, The person who will be responsible for checking the quality of the beneficiary and the presence of requirements and precedents.

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