Families and companies, the government approves 17 billion bis aid

An allocation of 15 billion euros plus two additional interventions add to the 35 interventions put in place by the government in the past year to support families and businesses. Executive Director led by Mario Draghi last night gave the green light to a bis aid decree with measures ranging from energy to emergency water, from social to industrial policies. In particular, an extension of billing cuts, an early reassessment of pensions, a further reduction in the tax wedge, support for farms against drought, and actions for local authorities are expected. “It is a decree worth more than two percentage points of GDP and it has been shared with the social partners and with the majority and opposition parties,” the prime minister said during a press conference. “The government intervened with unchanged balances”, so “there is no difference in the budget because the economic trend is better than expected. Thanks to the ability of Italians, families, companies and to some extent also to the government’s economic policy. We supported the economy without hesitation while maintaining the goal of reducing Deficit and debt.

The Prime Minister explained that “the earned growth was 3.4%, and it was at 6.6% last year.”. In the past 20 years, Italy has never grown more than 2%.” The IMF predicts “We will grow more than Germany, France and the United States.” Growth is “really exceptional”, but this does not mean that there are no “clouds on the horizon.” The future outlook is worrying and we have to prepare for the third and fourth quarters.” He added, “To face the fall we need social cohesion, and maybe even political cohesion.” In any case, “international credibility is very important for internal growth.”

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On the energy front, Draghi stressed that this is a “very important” decree. “The gas supply has been diversified and today we are definitely better off than other European countries in terms of supply stability.” Moreover, “the storage level exceeded 70%”. In terms of supporting families and businesses, $5 billion has been allocated to reduce gas and electricity bills. The prices related to the general electricity system fees applicable to homes and businesses shall be cancelled. Measures also on pensions with three-month pre-revaluation of checks up to €2692. Increases of 2% will begin in October. News is also in the field of wedge taxes, or reductions in the cost of labor. It will rise to 1.8% in the second half of the year on incomes of up to 35,000 euros.

On a slightly more political level, the prime minister specified that having to move within the perceived “current affairs” confines of the outgoing government “did not diminish” the extent of the measures adopted. exactly the contrary. “All the measures taken are of an urgent nature and in this sense are a full part of current affairs.” On the conclusion of his term, he said: “I would like to be able to give the next government achieving all the goals this year.” Even on the question of the sale of the national airline ETA, he will not give up: “I do not intend to leave it to the next government, let us do our duty to the end.”

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