False kiss with the flag in full concert, mixing Austria and Australia

American rock band Kiss is on a tour in Europe and a few nights ago they played in Vienna, the capital of Austriaa place where It caused some annoyance and jokes Because of an error in the science they displayed on stage.

At one stage of the ceremony on the giant screen behind the group on the stage, a huge banner appeared that read, “We love you ViennaAnd the Kiss emblem that appeared in the colors of the flag… which was not for Austria but for Australia.

The Austrian flag is red, white and red with horizontal stripes, but far from being the flag shown, Australia flag can be seenwith the Union Jack cross and the white stars that compose it.

Immediately Several users started talking about the errorWith comments between anger and jokes.

“I am Australian of Austrian descent. Why is geography so difficult? I still have to laugh!Said one Twitter user.

“My God, Was the Australian Kiss playing in Vienna or an Australian man of sound and light with a sense of humour?asked another.

“This is funny nonsense for many reasons. 1. Many people must be familiar with this drawing, from graphic designers to directors to kissing themselves. 2. None of them knew what the Australian flag was. 3. None of them know what the Austrian flag is.third said.

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