F1 drivers happy with changes in Australia

After two seasons without activity in Australia due to the coronavirus pandemic, Formula 1 returns to Melbourne this weekend for the third Grand Prix of the 2022 season.

Although the wait was long, it seemed like it was all worth it, because after free practice the pilots left with good feelings regarding the modifications made to the semi-street circuit in Albert Park.

The idea of ​​the organizers was to make Necessary changes so that the track has a faster layout, adjusting some of the heads and delivering the associated fluid up to turn 11.

In this regard, Max Verstappen, the current world champion with Red Bull, made good impressions after the Albert Park Tour.

“I think the grip on the track is very good, the bumps are reduced, and I think that made the track better, because now you can attack the corners more because they are smoother. They have done a good job with that,” commented his Mexican teammate Sergio Perez.

For his part, Daniel Ricciardo, who will have special support this weekend as he is of Australian descent, took the improvements on this track in moderation, but he couldn’t hide his optimism.

“I think it would be better. Would it be ten times better? Probably not to that extent, though I think it would be. Besides, With the new extra space DR And with cars that could follow a little better this year, if there’s no more overtaking, at least there will be closer races,” McLaren driver commented.

In this Grand Prix Mexican driver Sergio Perez will try to get his first podium of the season, because just as in his first race he was disqualified from points because he had to leave, in the second he was fourth despite the fact that the first place was achieved the day before.

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“You can be very fast, it’s a very flowing and high-speed track, but with built-in corners, like 3, where you always have to think about the next turn, I find it very good,” said AlphaTauri’s Frenchman Pierre Gasly.


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