F1 2022: Ferrari, to Australia in clothes

FErrari is proceeding with caution this season. He resoundedly found the key and finally got the best car, but Red Bull has already won the second race in Arabia and The battle between the two is coming in 23 races. Battle of developments has a ceiling, unlike other years, which is the maximum budget of 140 million.

At the moment, in the next round in Australia, they are wearing what they have been wearing so far, which is no small feat, because they lead both championships and the title is not decided now: “The question is not when we will be ready to make improvements, but to see the spending cap, not to spend it all in The first races. This is why we don’t expect big improvements in Melbourne, but as soon as we can deliver something, we will do it”, says Mattia Binotto, Who has other concerns?

Specifically, that that spending cap is met, knowing that it can end up defining the tournament and the teams can’t take what they want, you have to pay the target. “The budget limit will affect the rate of development,” he says. cI think this is a key element and my concern is that we need to make sure that we have proper monitoring Because there may be, to put it this way, a game-changing in the fight for developments.”

Binotto fears someone will find a way around the money limits, now that it’s the same, Or during the hours of a wind tunnel, which is finally running in Maranello, or a computer simulation, where the Italians have an advantage In test/part-time laps for Red Bull and Mercedes after finishing second in 2021.

Doubts about the FIA

Because the F1 boss himself had doubts about balancing everything, such as ‘HuTo unexpected inflation and transportation costs. Strict financial control is needed, That is why the FIA ​​is preparing itself to be more solid in its role as guarantor,” Stefano Domenicali carelessly admits, although he assures that it will be the same for all.

“We collected more than we expected,” concludes Binottowho knows that by performing well at three circuits such as Montmel, Sakhir and Jeddah, he will also do well in Melbourne and could postpone his first big development.

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