Extreme heat changes habits in Spain

Sports and dog walking, two very popular activities in the Iberian country, have been drastically reduced with a heat wave that has already lasted more than 10 days, and according to experts, the surrender will begin on Sunday.

The temperatures will also not drop significantly, but will stabilize to normal in early summer, with averages between 30 and 32 degrees, which is reasonable when compared to what is currently happening, according to the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

Water consumption and the use of light clothing is the general recommendation in a scenario that particularly affects the elderly as well as children who are still in school. Residents are calling for classes to be cut, work schedules changed, and more support for the elderly offered.

Small birds that appear frequently around buildings have clearly reduced their presence due to the intense heat and the impact of their young in the nests.

Aemet, which issues alerts in different colors to draw attention to the weather, is keeping red for Thursday almost across the country, although there are hopes of rain in some areas that will ease the situation.

I arrived Madrid in the middle of the night with 30 degrees on the thermometers, which is unusual at the time and can exceptionally only happen in August, in the middle of summer.

The south, especially Andalusia, maintains levels above 40 degrees during the day and at night the descent hardly reaches 28 degrees.

The Minister of Environmental Transformation, Teresa Ribera, confirmed that this early, record-breaking heat wave, which was added to another heat wave less than a month ago (…) is very worrying.

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Ribera, who is also the third deputy prime minister, noted that the expectation of higher numbers in the height of summer, July and August, may raise concern in the general population.

Aemet means temperatures for this season are at least seven to 12 degrees above normal, an unusual intensity that added to this past warm May.

The agency apparently linked the event to the global warming of the atmosphere, which already gave very worrying signs in August 2021, when 47.4 degrees were recorded in Montoro, Andalusia.


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