Experts doubt acting after Istanbul attack

Istanbul (German News Agency) – After the bloody attack in central Istanbul, Turkey’s German experts are skeptical of the Turkish government’s account of the crime’s background. “While Turkish security forces do not rule out the possible culprit, the interior minister is speaking immediately and exclusively about the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and its Syrian branch, the Democratic Union Party,” said Gunter, a Turkey expert at the German International Institute. and Security Affairs (SWP), Seufert, “Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland” (Tuesday editions).

Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu said on Monday that orders for the attack came from Kobani, the Kurdish stronghold in northern Syria. “The Turkish government has announced for months that it will soon invade Kobani, which is controlled by the Democratic Union Party, and it has so far refrained from doing so only because of the resistance of Russia and the United States,” Seufert said. From the point of view of the Socialist Workers’ Party expert, this would be an illogical attack in Turkey, especially from the point of view of the PYD and its YPG militia. That is why such an attack makes no sense for the Kurds in Syria.”

It is not yet clear who is behind the crime. The director of the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s Turkey office, Christian Brackel, also expressed doubts about the government’s portrayal. In a previous series of attacks in 2015 and 2016, the PKK had a clear motive to escalate the situation, Brackel told the NDA. “The peace process with the Turkish government collapsed, and people saw themselves on the path to victory in Syria and Iraq, where the PKK had gained a great reputation in the United States and Europe by fighting against ISIS, so there was hope for international support for it,” Braquel said.

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“In the current situation, I find it difficult to understand why the PKK should act.”

Photo: Istanbul, via DTS News Agency

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