Expanding group practice – more space for doctors and patients in Brettenfurt

The group practice of doctors Peter Klar and Julia Saleta will become PVZ Wienerwald in Breitenfurt in 2023. Focusing on digitization, long working hours, structural measures and a wide range of services, the future PVE team wants to expand patient care. The team around Lapse Mayor, MD, and ER Peter Klar already sees itself as a hub between individual practices, outpatient clinics, and rescue services as well as nursing and other care facilities. “We do not see ourselves as competitors, but above all as complements and treatments for hospitals,” Klar emphasized when presenting the project. In any case, there is a need, because on weekends and public holidays, the medical center’s catchment area extends from Neunkirchen to Vienna. “A lot of those who don’t want to come to us don’t go to the hospital,” Klar notes.

The municipality is responsible for providing the adjacent property. Mayor Wolfgang Schredl, ÖVP explains: “We are already taking the necessary steps to be able to buy the property directly next to the medical center. As mayor, I am happy and of course proud that four doctors decided to put a future-oriented concept into practice.”

“It is a great advantage that medical examination equipment is available here, such as an ultrasound machine, which is not usually available in a single clinic. So it was possible to immediately clarify what to do, and soon after that I was in the hospital in St. Polten,” he says. Schredl says. These research opportunities must also be expanded.

Pioneers in a new way of caring for patients

Martin Echtinger, County Health Councilor, was also impressed by the concept of a futuristic medical center in Vienna. Eichtinger praised, PVZ Wienerwald will “officially be part of the primary care units in the next round” and will put primary care “on a completely new footing”.

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ÖGK’s Robert Leitner also praised the “drive and enthusiasm that can be felt here”. After all, the organizational form of the PVZ should also improve the organizational processes of the doctors working here. In the same way, patients should benefit from the medical options grouped here. Although the team also wants to encourage patient collaboration, for example by expanding telemedicine and, in a second step, by implementing an external patient portal.

Representing the region’s medical spokesperson is Peter Führich-Harald Schlügel, President of the Lower Austrian Medical Association in Breitenfurt. However, he also addressed a request to political representatives regarding the financing and exhaustion of the EU fund to support such projects: “Please take everyone, including resident doctors, on board. Please do not forget about the doctors in the private clinic.” €100m is waiting to be called into the EU Resilience Fund. At the moment, this is only possible for primary supply units.

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