Exciting discovery: the primitive crocodile ate a whole dinosaur

A new species and genus of crocodiles

The prehistoric crocodile was excavated in 2010 by scientists from the Australian Dinosaur Age Museum from a bedrock about 95 million years old. And even then it was an interesting find, even without knowing what was in its stomach, because it was an unknown type of crocodile. She now bears the name Confractosuchus sauroktonos.

In order to study the animal in more detail, in cooperation with the Australian Organization for Nuclear Science and Technology Follow Favorite Special techniques used. The bones were too brittle for traditional preparation methods, as the intervening rocks are removed mechanically. Therefore, small and densely packed bone fragments were recorded using X-ray scanning and computed tomography techniques. The subsequent 3D reconstruction on the computer took about ten months.

This revealed a well-preserved skeleton, but the hind legs and tail are missing. Dr. explains. White. The skull in particular is almost completely preserved. Perhaps the animal died from a sudden flood that covered it with mud.

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