Ex-employees sue Tesla for dismissal

Hard times for the electric car factory Tesla And for its CEO, Elon Musk. in EuropeThe US company is unable to hire employees due to lower salaries than its competitors. In the United State Instead, some former employees sued the company, arguing that the decision to implement “Mass layoffsIt violated federal law, as the company did not announce job layoffs in advance.

Insufficient salaries from Tesla in Germany

Let’s start with the problems in Europe, where Tesla is trying in every way to expand the staff in Giga factory in BerlinHowever, it faces more difficulties than expected. according to IG Metal, The country’s main auto association, the reason is only one, and it is related to salaries: the company led by Elon Musk will propose Insufficient salaries compared to competitors: Skilled Tesla workers will already earn About 20% less Compared to employees of competing automakers. He said Tesla’s recruitment “is not progressing as quickly as expected.” Birgit Dietz, Regional Director of IG Metall. “A lot of people would be interested in switching to Tesla, but in the end decided not to, because they too Sometimes they earn a lot in their current positions in other car companiesAccording to IG Metall, therefore, Tesla must raise wages at the Gigafactory in Germany if it is to achieve its goal of Employing thousands of workers additional to his factory.

Mass action looms for former US employees

The situation is different in the United States. This is where Elon Musk has to deal with The suit brought by two workers from Sparks (Nevada) gigafactory who were fired in June.. According to the former employees, more than 500 employees of the Nevada plant will be fired without the 60-day notice required by federal laws on mass layoffs.

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The request is from Get class action status for all former Tesla employees From the United States who fired in May or June without warning. “Tesla has simply notified employees that their layoffs will be effective immediately,” the complaint reads.

Musk, who spoke yesterday about the matter Qatar Economic Forum organized by Bloomberg, identified the cause.”normalAnd without any basis. Everything about Tesla seems to get a lot of clicks, be it trivial or meaningful. I would put the reason you are referring to in the category of trivial things.”

We also remember that Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in early June that he had a “bad feeling” about the economy and that Tesla needed to cut staff by about 10%. Hypotheses confirmed by Musk himself, who specified that the cuts would apply only to employees, which means a 3.5% reduction in the total workforce.

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