“Everything is happening against me this year.”

Alexander Zverev has not yet been able to confirm the strong performance of the previous season.


In the first ATP match after the scandal in Acapulco, Alexander Zverev surprisingly had to admit defeat. His inability after the match underscores the impression he made on the field.

Indeed, the world in Indian Wells is once again ready for Alexander Zverev in the meantime. After a failed start and 2:6 in the first set, the German is fighting his way back into the match against Tommy Ball, and after a tie in the deciding set, he can even score with a break. But after four double faults in the match, Zverev immediately admitted to replaying the second half and shortly thereafter also lost the tiebreak without a hitch with 2:7.

The next setback in what has been a difficult season so far is a reality. “At the end of the day, today I was relatively weak mentally. I was mentally strong in terms of turning the game around. But then, when I had to play it to the end, it was disastrous,” sums up the frustrated world number three afterward.

However, he does not want to underestimate the performance of his opponent Ford. “Of course he played madness, that’s without a doubt,” Zverev says. “But of course the match was on hand at some point in the third set and then I played an incredibly bad game.”

‘Australia was a disaster’

A sense of accomplishment in a challenging career phase would benefit the 24-year-old. Riding the wave of success last season, with six championship wins, the year just beginning has been very complicated for Zverev thus far. “Last year everything went my way in the last six months, I won all these matches. This year everything is going against me. Australia was a disaster, the final in Montpellier was not good, now I would say I have to win the match at the end of the day” .

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Instead, he has to pack his bags again unexpectedly early. “I have to look at myself a little and see how I can change the season a little. Because I think everything is going in the wrong direction at the moment ”, Zverev is disappointed and explains:“ I myself need a good result, I think it will be useful ».

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