Evan Duque finishes his agenda at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland

The President of Colombia announced, via his Twitter account, that he had concluded the “Agenda of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland”, where he participated in 42 meetings representing Colombia, which is considered a leader in issues of biology, transition. Energy, green classification and green finance.

The meeting has an international impact, providing a space for exchanging ideas, networking between communities and proposing solutions to problems It touched upon the hot topics of a new era of “global responsibility and cooperation”.

In one of his speeches, exactly at the symposium “A New Path for the Amazon Basin”, he spoke of the decrease in “the rate of deforestation in the Amazon biome to 60-70%, in the next three years”, that we create “the greatest contribution to the protection of biodiversity and access to net emissions Zero at the time we created it.” He asserted that when he started his term, “200,000 hectares per year were lost” and that rate decreased by as much as 40%, considering the annual decline a challenge.

At the summit he also spoke about the launch of a bill that would make Colombia a “general fleet of electric vehicles”. including “The concept of biodiversity, how cities can and should contribute to this positivity around nature-based solutions,” he said in his participation in the forum.Biodiversity Briefing Initiative.

The head of state noted that the country “committed to carbon neutrality in 2050” by reducing projected carbon dioxide emissions by 51% by 2030 and “declaring 30% of our lands as protected areas in 2022, and moving forward 8 years in achieving this specific goal.” for 2030 globally.

Ivan Duque, President of the Republic. Bogotá, August 5, 2020. Photo: Juan Carlos Sierra-Semana Magazine – Photo: Juan Carlos Sierra Pardo

In addition, the political leader spoke of Colombia’s leadership in its energy transition following the environmental protection policies proposed by his government.

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“It was an important day for Colombia not only because we were talking with many of the world’s most important financial group heads who see Colombia as a leader in green finance policies and green bond issuance”Duke selected.

What are the themes of the World Economic Forum?

Climate and nature, focusing on global warming and the crisis faced by glaciers along with polluted oceans, was one of the topics covered. In addition, sustainability and human activities have been key elements of the climate change that the world is now facing.

Evan Duke
Ivan Duque, President of the Republic. Bogotá, August 5, 2020. Photo: Juan Carlos Sierra-Semana Magazine – Photo: Juan Carlos Sierra Pardo

On the other hand, just economies focus on health care and education which have been two pillars of poverty reduction among the citizens of the world. In addition, social inequality, including wealth, has been the focus of the world’s pursuit of human development by “reshaping” economies.

Another topic is technology and innovation affected by the arrival of the pandemic affecting changes in lifestyles. Technology has also been the protagonist of this summit that focuses not only on social transformation, but also on the economic transformation of the world.

Likewise, the pandemic has destabilized the economy, and unleashed global conflicts that signal social and economic inequality.

Health, Community, Equity, Work and Capacity was part of this international forum. Additionally, people like David Velez, CEO of Nubank; Scott Miller, the US ambassador to Switzerland, is among the public figures who attended the summit, including Bill Gates who met in a bilateral meeting with Duque, according to the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia.

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