Evan Duque: Court orders the arrest of the President of Colombia at his home for alleged contempt

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Opening a ruling considered “unprecedented” is a new political and judicial debate in Colombia.

The Supreme Court of the Judicial District of Ibagué, a city in the west of the country, issued a house arrest warrant against the president Evan Dukeaccused of mocking a court decision that ordered him in 2020 to protect a nature reserve.

The ruling, reported by local media this Saturday, orders the president to stay at his residence for five days, in addition to paying a fine of 15 minimum monthly wages (about 4,000 US dollars).

It is alleged that Doki did not comply with the ruling of Supreme Court of Justicewhich was declared a “rights issue” for Los Nevados National Natural ParkIt is located in the central coffee region of the Colombian Andes.

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