Eurovision Song Contest 2nd semi-finals: performances, finalists, standings

During the live show, artists representing eighteen countries will perform.

Thursday, May 12, from 9 pm Rai 1the second semi-finals ofEurovision Song Contest. In the conduct of the event there will be Mica, Alessandro Cattelan And Laura Busini. During the evening, artists from eighteen countries will perform. Of those, the 10 most voted will advance to the final, scheduled for Saturday, May 14. The evening’s guests will be boys Flight. Among the singers competing in the second semi-final there will also be Emma Muscat (Malta) e Achille Lauro (San Marino). From Italy it will not be possible to vote on TV. To comment on the second semi-final round ofEurovision Song Contest there will be Gabriel CorsiAnd Christian Malgoglio And Carolina de Domenico.

Eurovision Song Contest 2nd Semi-Final, LIVE: The event begins

The second semi-final round ofEurovision Song Contest. Episode starts with a sponsored moment Alessandro Cattelan. Leader tells behind the scenes of the event. After that, Cattelan takes the stage and dances. Right after that, they went up on stage Laura Busini And Mica. The two greet the audience. Then Pausini explains to the European audience the meaning of the word “squeeze”.

After the audience is reminded of the TV broadcast icons, the race begins. The first to perform is Rasmusa group representing Finland. one titled Jezebel. Malgioglio performance cut-off:leave me nothingThe race continues with Israel, represented by Michael Ben David, Winner of the latest version of x factor Israeli. One is I am The third nation to perform is Serbia. the singer Construct And the piece is titled in Corpor Sano. A gallery where everything is focused on the scenic side, with many religious references and references. Malgioglio crushes it: “Was there a need? Does one come to Eurovision to wash their hands? I didn’t like the choreography“.


The race continues

The second semi-final round ofEurovision Song Contest. The fourth performance is the protagonist Azerbaijan. The singer representing the country is Nader Al Rostamly. The piece is titled Go back. Very high level and intense performance. Continue with Georgia, represented by circus circus. The piece is titled lock me. In the exhibition are clear references to the circus world from which the members of the group come.

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The race continues: it’s the show’s turn Malta. The island is represented by Emma Muscatwho started his career in Italy at a school Maria de Filippi’s friends. one titled I am what I am. The song presented by the girl is very catchy, despite talking about a very sensitive topic such as self-acceptance. First commercial break.

Eurovision Song Contest 2nd Semifinalist Achille Lauro

The second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest, Achilles Lauro’s Show

The second semi-final round ofEurovision Song Contest. The race continues with San Marino Thus, with Achille Lauro. The announcement of his performance was calmly received by the audience. one titled stripper. Lauro is the protagonist of a real show on stage. At first he improvises striptease, then kisses the guitarist. After that, the singer also rides a mechanical bull. At the end of the show, the audience applauds the singer. After that, the race continues withAustralia. the singer Sheldon Riley And the piece is titled Not the same. The performance of the Australian in a suit that was half wedding and half groom was also very beautiful. Meanwhile, come on Twitter Achille Lauro It is already in trend.

The race continues. Now touch a Cyprus. the singer Andromache And the piece is titled and the. There are many oriental voices in the song. also Christian Malgoglio appreciate. L ‘Ireland Is the next nation to perform and represented Brooke. The song is called this is rich. An unforgettable performance for sure, seasoned with the many vocal errors of the singer.

North Macedonia

The race continues

The second semi-final round ofEurovision Song Contest. The 11 nation to perform is North Macedoniawhich he represents Andrew. Cycles It is the name of the song that was brought to the stage. Right after that, he went up on stage stefan, RepresentEstonia. one titled hopefull She is definitely attractive. After the performance, Stefan (in Italian) greets the audience present at PalaAlpitour Turin. Advertising.

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Returns to the air and takes the stage WRS, Singer (and dancer) from Romania. The piece is titled llámame It has a text written in both English and Spanish. A very beautiful performance that focuses entirely on the rhythm. Immediately after that, it’s time to perform Poland, Which brings the singer to the stage Ochmann with her river. The song is a very intense song.

Eurovision Song Contest in the second semi-final in Poland

The second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest, the shows are over

The second semi-final round ofEurovision Song Contest. On the Turin stage came up Vladana, Which represents the black Mountain. The singer enters the competition same, Dedicated to a recently deceased mother. The singer also sang during her performance in Italian. Immediately after that, it was the turn Belgium and the singer Jeremy Mackenzie. The song he performed is called I miss you. In addition to being a singer, Jeremy is a professional soccer player and plays the role of goalkeeper.

The evening’s performances have now begun to conclude. It is a turn, in fact, for the penultimate nation in the race, or the Sweden. The Scandinavian nation represented by Cornelia Jacobs singly hold me close. The Swedish singer is very good. Finally, the last case to be executed is Czech Republic. The nation is represented by the group We are Domiwho perform with the bachelor The lights are off. For them, too, a performance with some inaccuracy. Immediately after that, the three models resumed the scene, announcing the opening of the television broadcast. Gabriel Corsi He states, once again, that from Italy it will not be possible to vote this evening.Eurovision Song Contest 2nd Semi-Final Duo

Duet Mika-Laura Pausini, then Il Volo

Waiting for file resultsEurovision Song Contestthey perform Laura Busini And Mica. The two are starring in a duet they sing breakable by Sting e People have power by Patti Smith. Very nice performance of the singers accompanied by the children of the Conservatory Giuseppe Verdi Turin. Immediately after broadcasting a video with all the evening performances. In the end, the trio of TV conductors closed.

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Before we know the names of the finalists, it’s time to perform de Flight. The three tenors will play the notes of the single great loveWho participated in the race in Eurovision In 2015. As announced on the eve, Gianluca Ginobel Is in contact from home because of the positivity towards COVID-19. Performance at the highest level for the group. Right after that, space for a new commercial break.


Eurovision Song Contest in the second semi-finals, finalists

The second semi-final round ofEurovision Song Contest. On stage with Laura Businithere Chanel Or the singer who will act Spain. A clip of his song was broadcast. the same fate for Sam Ryder (United kingdom) for Malik Harris (Germany). The three countries, along with Italia And France, is the so-called your palm Thus, they automatically qualify for the final.

Now it’s time to find out the names of the finalists. The countries eligible for the final are: belgium, there Czech RepublicL’Azerbaijan and the Poland. But, once again, they made it to the final there too Finland, L ‘Estonia, L ‘Australia and the Sweden. The last two nations will perform on Saturday there Romania And Serbia. nothing to do Achille Lauro And Emma Muscatwho wrap up their experience here instead. Christian Malgoglio On a rampage:I’m not. I’m sorry Achilles, because he was amazing. I won’t come on Saturday to protestThe second semi-finals ofEurovision Song Contest.

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