European Union. Defenders of the abortion law call for a protest

Several major progressive organizations on Thursday called on Americans to Mass rally across the country on May 14 to defend the right to legal termination of pregnancywhich the Supreme Court appears ready to overturn.

“It’s time to redouble our efforts,” Kelly Robinson of Planned Parenthood, which operates several abortion clinics across the country, said in a conference call.

“On May 14 we will express our anger,” he added, announcing four major rallies in Washington, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, and hundreds of rallies across the country; “We expect hundreds of thousands of people,” he said.

Other actions will be performed at a later time. “It’s going to be a summer full of rage,” said Rachel Carmona, organizer of the Women’s March. It brought together millions of opponents of Donald Trump in 2017 in what was the first women’s march.

Politico caused a public uproar Monday night by publishing a draft Supreme Court ruling that, if passed as is, It would take America 50 years back, when every state was free to prohibit or allow the termination of pregnancy.

The document, which was drafted in February and open for negotiation through June 30, considers that the 1973 ruling in Roe v. Wade, which protects an American woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy, is “unfounded from the outset” and that Nothing in the constitution protects the right to abortion.

These discoveries shocked the American left: hundreds of people spontaneously demonstrated before the Supreme Court, Democratic members of Congress raised their voices and President Joe Biden called on voters to stand up for the right to boycott Pregnancy in the November elections.

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Rahna Ebting, director of progressive group MoveOn, said: Republicans were accused of orchestrating the response by appointing three conservative justices to the Supreme Court.

“Our message to Republicans is clear: You’ll see us on the streets in May, you’ll see us on the streets in June, and you’ll see us at the polls in November.”


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