European stock markets are at their peak, Milan burn more than 21 billion. Wall Street Jingle – Economy

New York June 16, 2022 – Stroke Wall Street Based on European stock exchanges for fear that Federal Reserve pressure Against inflation (raising the cap rate by 0.75%, the largest since 1994 to counter inflation that jumped to 8.6% in May, ed.) brings the US into recession, with repercussions for global markets. Specter of recession cancels recovery on Tuesday, so European financial markets close sharply and go 233 billion smoke While Wall Street recorded losses of up to 4%.

Wall Street closed in the red, the Dow Jones lost 2.41% at 29,927.07 points, the S&P 500 closed at -3.14% at the 3671.10 level, and the Nasdaq collapsed to -4.08% at 10,646.10 points, after a day of heavy losses in the listings.

in Europe The black jersey went to Milan: In the end, the Ftse Mib index registered -3.32% to 21,726 points, while the Ftse Italia All Share index fell 3.23% to 23,742 points. The Ftse Star is also down, leaving 3.29% on the ground at 44.164 points. Thus Piazza Avary burned more than 21 billion.

Followed by Frankfurt, which lost 3.31%, affected by the jitters over German government bonds, which grew by 20 basis points, so much so that the spread between BTPs and 10-year Bunds fell to 204 points with a 10-year yield of 3.73%. In Europe, almost all markets closed at their lowest level in three months.

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