Europe sends the first shipment of infant formula to the United States

The first plane With US infant formula He left today, Saturday, from Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany, at the beginning of the emergency plan approved by the White House to solve the shortage of supplies of this product in the country.

The plane will be received by you Arriving in Indianapolis By Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack who will attend the unloading of 132 pallets of Nestlé formula.

US President Joe Biden ended up invoking the Special Production Act on Wednesday to increase supply amid a near-total collapse of the distribution chain.

Between a pandemic and a huge lockdown Abbott Laboratories Factory In February, a major milk producer, when the government began investigating injuries to four children after eating its product, hundreds of American families were left without access to formula, starting with the state of Indiana.

As Biden authorized Defense Department To use commercial aircraft to airlift supplies of formula that meet federal standards from abroad, in what the White House calls Operation Fly Formula.

The Ministry of Agriculture said in a statement that these formulas are given priority as they serve critical nutritional and medicinal purposes amidst the country’s short supply.


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