Eugenio Derbez denounces discrimination in speaking Spanish in the United States

Eugenio Derbez / Agency Mexico

Eugenio Derbez admitted that not everything was fine after making the decision to live in the United States, because despite all his successes in the professional field, he was a victim of discrimination.

During the last interview he gave to the programme windows The producer and comedian recalled a time when his mother tongue got him into trouble.

“Sometimes it’s reprehensible that you speak another language, and the other day it happened to me in the park, I was talking to someone in Spanish and a guy came by, who’s American, and said ‘Here they speak English, we’re in,'” Eugene said.

Eugenio Derbez / Agencia M & # xe9;  xico

Eugenio Derbez / Agency Mexico

Alessandra Rosaldo’s husband commented on the issue, “Instead of it being a superpower, a superpower of being bilingual, it sounds bad. Many Latinos don’t inculcate Spanish in their kids for fear they won’t be bullied at school for fear of being segregated.”

Then, Sentidos Opuestos member explained how they dealt with this kind of situation with their daughter, Aitanta.

“Family and family time is always in Spanish, which is obviously her first language because she was born here, we always tell her exactly what Eugenio said, and being bilingual or more is a superpower,” he explained. .

Finally, Derbez used the moment to publicly thank his wife for the care she gave him during his recovery, after he fractured his shoulder months earlier.

“I wouldn’t have lived without Alessandra, she was my nurse, she was my shoulder, she bathed me, she dressed me, she took me to the bathroom, she fed me, everything, because I could do practically nothing, and then she almost bore me, she broke into 100 because he was on tour, but he came back at Dawn, I think this brought us closer than before, it was very good for our relationship, “he said.

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