Erfurt: It’s finally over! This space restores some dignity to the poor

They help where others prefer to look the other way. For years, volunteers at the Erfurt railway station mission have been helping everyone who needs their help the most. Whether it’s seniors whose bags have become too heavy for the long journey, or travelers who can’t find their platform – or homeless people who are simply looking for a roof over their heads at the station.

They didn’t have a fixed room for that in Erfurt – yet. The new “Blue Angels” suite at the main train station is finally finished.

Erfurt: New rooms for station mission

Construction took seven months – and now the mission of the ecumenical station can move to its new headquarters on platform 3/8. It ended up being a little more expensive than originally planned. Everything cost a good 500,000 euros.

But for Erfurt residents and those who frequent the main train station, it was clearly worth it. The new rooms were handed over on Friday to officials on the station’s mission.

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The Blue Angels Suite in Erfurt

“In the new rooms of the mission station, travelers will find a sanctuary to recover from the effort of the journey,” station chief Kristen Kromke said at the opening. “People in need find an open ear to their problems there and leave no stone unturned to help them. In addition, Bahnhofsmission volunteers now find spacious, modern working conditions that make their selfless and responsible work easier for them.”

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