Elon Musk’s internet continues to rise: Starlink manages to surpass 3,000 subscribers in Chile

The first self-installing devices began arriving in November. In one month, Starlink – a division of Space X, controlled by South African entrepreneur Elon Musk, owner of Tesla – has already surpassed a thousand customers to jump to more than 3,000 in March 2022. The company tripled its presence in the country in five months, according to Subtel data requested by Transparency.

The first official figures on the company’s performance were released in March. The data was revealed there as of December: At the end of 2021, Starlink had 1,339 customers. Self-installing clusters that allow download speeds in excess of 100Mbps, even as high as 300Mbps, have been concentrated primarily in the metropolitan region and La Araucan√≠a. Only four regions did not report the presence of devices: the far north in Arica, Barinacota, Tarapaca, and Antofagasta; The Magallanes are at the other end.

In January of this year, another 829 combinations were added, for a total of 2,228. In February it reached 2,742, jumping in March to 3,111 units. Each set costs $576,400, plus $95,800 for shipping, and $92,600 for a monthly fee.

In December, their participation was less, but it is increasing. Of the 4.2 million fixed Internet connections that existed at that time, Starlink had only 0.03%. And if reservations a few months ago were only available this year, and until 2023 was targeted, today there is no waiting margin on the page.

In March, the company had 250,000 users worldwide, more than double the 100,000 users in August. And it was already in 25 countries.

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