Elon Musk reveals a new investment sector: ‘It’s like printing money’

And theHe is the richest man on earth, however, he does not stop looking for formulas to continue increasing his wealth. Elon Musk, owner of Teslalast Wednesday at the results meeting, in which she invited the rest of the businessmen to invest in a position, according to him, It’s like printing money..

Lithium, a convenient place to explore

“I would like to urge entrepreneurs once again to get into lithium refining. Mining is relatively easy, Refining is more difficult“For him, this sector offers margins very similar to software margins, so he considered that Entering it is like getting a “money printing license”..

To justify his position on lithium, Musk commented that global limitations in providing high-purity carbonate and hydroxide to batteries battery chainscommon in our smartphones, are the real reasons behind the restrictions on lithium possession, which have caused prices to rise.

Nowadays, China is the largest lithium producer in the world, by more than half the capacity. Moreover, Tianqi Lithium Corp. alone controls 46%. For Musk, refining is “very difficult and It requires a huge amount of machinery and is somewhat difficult to measure“.

Experts take it easy

However, although experts agree that the demand for lithium has increased recently, they prefer to approach the situation with more caution than Elon Musk. for them , It is better not to rush, because a large number of investments can again cause a significant decrease in pricesAs was the case for several years until the end of 2020, it caused an uproar and several operations collapsed.

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according to Australian situationTesla CEO Robin Denholm said he should try to add more refining and manufacturing capacity to help the world meet the growing demand for batteries. In the opinion of experts, It is not difficult to find lithium, but to convert it into the material used In several electronic projects such as the electric car sector.

New job after Twitter failed

Elon Musk And so he embarks on other adventures of his well-known business, after failing Bitcoingive up buy Twitterwhich sparked a global controversy, and the sale of shares Tesla.

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