Elon Musk is the richest man in the world. But his past…

Elon Musk is definitely the person of the moment. Rich, eccentric and visionary, the purchase of Twitter made him the most powerful and important man on the planet; Yes, more than Jeff Besuz. It wasn’t clear at all.

Resourcefulness and the ability to think big: this is the magic formula for Elon Musk, the visionary entrepreneur par excellence, so much so that he inspired the Iron Man character in 2008. Technology and big business are, in fact, their daily bread. However, Musk’s life was very harsh, and perhaps that is why he developed a deep sense of “hunger” towards the world.

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After his parents separated, Elon Musk and his brother decided to live with their father. As reported by ‘The Sun’, speaking at a Ted Talk and reopening the wounds of the past, he admitted that he was a victim of bullying at school, due toAsperger’s. In fact, his childhood was not happy at all.

But the tech mogul made his case a gift. The syndrome prompts affected people to think through structured, rigid patterns of thought, whatever is required to do career in computer science.

At just twelve years old, a Tesla owner sold a simple toy to a computer magazine for $500, starting his business acumen early. distance Certificate in Physics and Economics At the University of Pennsylvania, he started developing his web business.

Musk and his brother brought together a group of Silicon Valley investors to fund Zip2, one of his first major commercial ventures. The company, the leading supplier and licensing of newspapers from online city guide software, enabled the young entrepreneur to become a millionaire when he was sold for 341 million dollar. But it was just the beginning of his ascent.

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From Head to Twitter: The future is in the hands of Elon Musk

After a few other business ventures, including co-founding PayPal, creating SpaceX, and doing business with Tesla, Musk has become the most influential and important man on the planet by purchasing Twitter.

Elon Musk with Donald Trump
Source: Instagram @elonmusk

by commercial agreement 44 billionElon Musk has greatly increased his popularity. However, many fear that the transition to private social media will really necessitate the green light of content, which, without moderation, can attack the weakest and most marginalized in the social community. There are fears, for example, of recovering the account of former US President Donald Trump, which is banned on Twitter.

This is why many believe the big buy is about Trump, given also recent statements made by Musk regarding gender issues that have sparked some controversy in society. LGBTQ+. But the discourse on freedom of expression is too broad and controversial to be tolerated solely by social media. Musk himself has rejected all hypotheses in this regard.

The fact is that Musk has overtaken his “rival” Jeff Besuz and not only in terms of assets. With $219 billionIn fact, Tesla’s patron is the richest man in the world. In second place, we find the founder of Amazon with 171 billion. But Musk can also count on a very heterogeneous fan base. Some praise him for his business ventures, while others love his candor on Twitter.

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