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Petro promises to the army and police housing, health and education

At the start of the campaign’s final week, leftist candidate Gustavo Petro wrote a letter to the military and police acknowledging the “valuable contribution” of the majority of those in uniform to “building a more humane Colombia” and outlining a proposal to transform the public force in which it promises them better access to housing and health and education.

“It is clear to me that you, soldiers of land, sea, air and police of the country, humble Colombians, like millions of citizens, demand a better future for themselves, but especially for their dear families,” writes the historic charter candidate, who in his youth belonged to an M-19 guerrilla and faced resistance from some sectors of the armed forces.

The candidate, among others, regrets in the letter that men in uniform do not have decent housing, have to wait months for a medical appointment and cannot afford to educate their children. For this reason, he asserted, it is proposed to “strengthen the general strength and the well-being of its members, especially those who are most vulnerable, to achieve complete peace on the national territory”.

His proposal includes building forts for the army in alliance with private companies, restructuring the health system that takes care of them, building new military hospitals, expanding public force schools, and strengthening a scholarship program for their children.

“Our strategy also considers the transition, gradually and to the extent that we establish peace, military service into a social service, so that only professionals, well trained, well-equipped, and well-paid, are responsible for combating multiple crimes,” Petro says.

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